Roles of Apple Developer

Apple Developer Program Team Roles and Privileges

Team roles

Role Description
Team agent A team agent is legally responsible for the team and acts as the primary contact with Apple. The team agent can invite team members and change the access level of any other team member. There’s only one team agent.
Team admin A team admin can set the privilege levels of other team members, except the team agent. Team admins manage all assets used to sign your apps, either during development or when your team is ready to distribute an app. Team admins are the only people on a team who can sign apps for distribution on nondevelopment devices. Team admins also approve signing certificate requests made by team members.
Team member A team member can gain access to prerelease content delivered by Apple in Member Center. A team member can also sign apps during development, but only after he or she makes a request for a development signing certificate and has that request approved by a team admin.

Team Privileges

Privilege Team agent Team admin Team member
Have legal responsibility for the team YES NO NO
Be the primary contact with Apple YES NO NO
View prerelease Apple content YES YES YES
Enroll in additional developer programs and renew them YES NO NO
Invite team admins and team members YES YES NO
Request development certificates YES YES YES
Approve team member requests for development certificates YES YES NO
Request distribution certificates YES YES NO
For Mac apps, request Developer ID certificates YES NO NO
Add devices for development and testing YES YES NO
Create App IDs and enable certain technologies and services YES YES NO
Create development and distribution provisioning profiles YES YES NO
Create SSL certificates for Apple Push Notification service YES YES NO
Download development provisioning profiles YES YES YES
Submit apps to the App Store or Mac App Store YES NO NO

##iTunes Connect Roles

Role Description
Admin Gives the user access to all iTunes Connect modules. Users with an Admin role have the ability to create, delete, or modify existing iTunes Connect users and test users. The initial iTunes Connect user (team agent), is granted both an Admin and a Legal role by default.
Legal Gives the user access to all modules. This role is only available to the initial iTunes Connect user (team agent) and can’t be edited in iTunes Connect. This role allows the individual to enter into agreements with iTunes via iTunes Connect and to request promo codes. To change your team agent, you must visit Member Center.
Finance Gives the user access to Financial Reports, Contracts, Tax and Banking Information, iAd App Network, and Sales/Trend Reports modules. Users with a Finance role can view users’ profiles but can edit only their own user information.
Technical Gives the user access to Manage Your Apps, Contact Us, Manage Users, and iAd App Network modules. Technical users can create test users. Users with a Technical role can view other users’ profiles but can edit only their own user information.
Sales Gives the user access to the Sales/Trend Reports, Manage Users, iAd App Network, and Contact Us modules. Users with a Technical role can view other users’ profiles but can edit only their own user information. Assign this role to those in your organization who need access to reporting, marketing, and ad campaign information but not to app management or financial information.
Marketing Gives the user access to the Contact Us module. Assign this role to the person on your team who manages your marketing materials and any promotional artwork. Users with the Marketing role are contacted by the App Store team if an app is chosen to be featured in the App Store.